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Grafting Systems & Oliver Nursery Machinery

Grafting Systems™, a division of Moser Fruit Tree Sales, Inc., is dedicated to helping commercial growers and nurserymen improve the efficiency and productivity of their propagation programs.

The Moser family has been in the nursery and fruit tree industry for over 60 years---raising fruit in commercial orchards, selling and brokering fruit trees to commercial orchardists across the country, and operating its own fruit tree nursery propagating predominantly hardy, heirloom, hard cider and custom varieties for the commercial and backyard market.

While most nursery production is via conventional chip budding, grafting has always been a tool in the nurseryman’s toolbox. With the development of Scionon™ Grafting Tools, the inventor and designer Ian Adams, has made it a goal to allow users to greatly improve their productivity, whether on the “bench” or “in the field”. Most tools help to reduce or eliminate the skilled knife work that can take years to develop. So less skilled people can efficiently perform most of the grafting tasks with a short amount of training and practice. 
In addition to Scionon™ tools, Grafting Systems™ will be adding many other grafting supplies and other resources over time.

Since 2014, Matt Moser and Grafting Systems has been collaborating with Oliver Agro of Verona, Italy to help introduce their specialized horticultural machinery into the United States market.  Oliver Agro produces very innovative, specialized machines predominantly for fruit tree nursery production including rootstock production.  They also produce many other machines useful in the production of nursery and vegetable crops.  Oliver Agro has the world-wide patents on Rotosark®, which is a unique cultivation tool like no other, which is very useful in both organic and non-organic production of crops. 

Since finding efficient, productive, and "enough" labor is a major concern for most nursery and vegetable producers, look to Grafting Systems, Scionon, Oliver to many labor saving machines which will make your operation more efficient, productive, and profitable.

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