Looking for high quality, large caliper trees to sell?

Conservation Districts and Retailers

For many years, Moser Fruit Tree Sales has worked closely with Conservation Districts and Retailers

Many Conservation Districts across Michigan and other states depend on us to source and provide fruit trees for their Annual Tree Sales. Since you don’t get a lot of state or federal aid, we know that this can be an important source of your working capital.

Retail garden centers and others who deal with individual consumers, gardeners, and backyard orchardists are also welcome to use our services.

We try to be flexible in working with you, and our knowledge of fruit varieties and rootstocks will help you sell more trees with less hassle and worry.

The best way to contact us is via email:

  • Think about your needs early in the season.
  • Fruit trees have been in short supply.
  • "Early "Birds" usually do get the best selection.
  • We know you like large sizes.
  • A "Wish List" of quantities, varieties and rootstocks is very helpful.
  • Sale dates or times when you will need delivery.

Don't wait until spring to order.  If you typically use the same amounts and types of trees every year, it does not hurt to order a year ahead!