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High density systems are the future trend.

Commercial Fruit Growers

Commercial fruit growers are our bread and butter, and we cater to their needs.

Commercial growers predominantly make their living from their orchard or other farming operation. We believe a commercial fruit grower is one who has committed his operation to the production of fresh or process fruit and makes much of his living from the orchard or farm.  This can be a small or large operation that targets the fresh market, process market, retail or wholesale farmers markets, U-pick, agriculture entertainment, sweet or hard cider market, or other operation where significant quantities of fruit are needed for the operation.

For many years, the Moser family operated a diverse orchard, vegetable, nursery and greenhouse operation. `However for the past 25 years or so, Matt Moser has dedicated himself to the nursery operation and fruit tree sales and brokerage business. 

Thus, our business philosophy has developed:

  • Help identify the management techniques that work best in your area, in your orchards, and for your market niche.
  • Help you identify and find those quality varieties and trees which will make you profitable and successful for your market niche.
  • Establish a friendly and long-term business relationship with you based on good service and trust! We want to become your primary supplier.
  • Honest and square dealing! We won't BS you. We don't try to sell you something that you may not really need.
  • Our knowledge and experience is a resource we freely pass forward.

Please let us know your needs. We will be glad to work with you to make your orchard a success.

If you are a non-commercial grower, backyard gardener or orchardist looking for just a few trees, please go to our "Links" page for options which will help you.