Our Services

You can depend on us for down-to-earth, common sense advice and solutions no matter your size.

The Moser family has been marketing fruit trees for over 65 years, but we also have been fruit growers.  We know the business and take the time to understand your specific needs. Our goal isn’t to just sell trees. We feel obligated to pass on our knowledge and  experience and share it with anyone who is in the business of fruit growing or nursery. Finding solutions for the problems and challenges in this highly competitive and regulated marketplace and industry is one of our goals when we work with you.

Our lifetime experience isn't just limited to fruit.  We also have been vegetable growers, greenhouse operators, and fruit tree nursery growers. So, our knowledge base is very broad and we try to think outside the normal way of doing things to come up with solutions to problems you may face.

Here are some specific services you can depend on us for:

  • Consulting to commercial fruit growers, large and small.
  • Consulting for new orchards, varieties, rootstock and planting systems.
  • Location and sourcing of the highest quality fruit tree nursery stock.
  • Representatives for the major fruit tree nurseries in the US.
  • Consulting for your own fruit tree nursery production.
  • Distribution of SciononĀ® Grafting tools and supplies for the fruit grower and nurseryman.
  • Representative for Oliver Agro of Italy--- Designer, builder, and supplier of novel labor saving equipment for nurseries, horticulture, and vegetable production--- both organic and conventional.

​Feel free to contact Matt Moser with your questions and needs.  Email is one of the best ways of communicating.